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Resources for treatment, education, support and aids for caregivers.

Phone: (866) 502-1214 is an advocacy group that works to spread awareness of asbestos-related diseases and help those currently suffering from them. The site offers monthly online support groups, live chat support and patient advocates that work 1-on-1 with individuals.

Phone: (855) 203-5977 established the Mesothelioma Justice Network to be the leading online resource for victims of asbestos-related diseases.  Their purpose is to help victims learn about the effects of asbestos, understand and cope with the disease and take legal action against those responsible for the diagnosis.

3915 Bell Street, Amarillo TX 79109

Phone: (806) 353-4306

National Hotline: 1-800-227-2345

The American Cancer Society's local resources, programs and events designed to help those affected by cancer in West Texas. 

1600 Wallace Blvd., Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 212-2000

BSA Health System is an extensive hospital system in Amarillo, Texas providing clinical excellence to the Texas Panhandle and the tri-state area offering emergency, cancer services, heart and vascular center and stroke center.

1400 S. Coulter, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 414-9175

Get F.I.T. to Stay Fit, a program of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, provides FREE colorectal testing for any Texas resident age 45-75. Contact the office for an initial visit and information about additional free services.

Phone: (800) 692-8608

For over 20 years we’ve provided the best FREE resources to mesothelioma patients and loved ones. Our resources include information on the leading treatment options and best doctors in your area; lessons learned from survivors; claims and benefits specifically for Veterans; and how to access your share of billions of dollars in trust fund money.

Phone: (877) 932-3870

Mesothelioma Hub is your ultimate source for the latest information about mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. Our mission is simple: to connect mesothelioma patients and their families with the educational, medical, and legal resources they need.

Phone: 800-793-4540

The mission of Mesothelioma Lawyer Center is to put people diagnosed with mesothelioma and their families in touch with a leading mesothelioma attorney in their area so they have access to their best possible financial compensation.

1500 Wallace Blvd., Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 212-4673

The Tobacco Dependence Center provides a comprehensive tobacco cessation program ranging from counseling and education to support groups.

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