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Resources to aid in understanding legal guardianship issues and terms.

415 SW 8th Avenue, Amarillo TX 79105

Phone: (806) 372-3381

The PRPC's Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) is designed to empower residents of the Panhandle region to resolve all types of conflicts through the use of mediation. Such resolution is achieved with the assistance of trained, impartial mediators who facilitate meetings between the disputing parties.

203 W. 8th Avenue, Suite 600, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 373-6808

Offers free civil legal assistance to low-income Texans.

1414 Colorado St, Austin TX 78701

Phone: (512) 427-1463

Board Certified attorneys in elder law. To search for attorneys in Amarillo/Canyon, open the website to scroll through Amarillo/Canyon attorneys, or click on "Find A Lawyer" to search for another area.

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