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Resources to obtain physical, dental and mental health care along with hospitals, clinics, immunizations and veterans services.

1600 Wallace Blvd., Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 212-2000

BSA Health System is an extensive hospital system in Amarillo, Texas providing clinical excellence to the Texas Panhandle and the tri-state area offering emergency, cancer services, heart and vascular center and stroke center.

6709 Woodward, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 354-2288

CareNet helps women facing an unplanned pregnancy understand all options while assisting with each specific situation. The heart of the organization is to support women and families in difficult circumstances, allowing the opportunity to make a positive choice for themselves and their baby.

1000 Martin Road, Amarillo TX 79107

Phone: (806) 378-6300

Department within the City of Amarillo municipality promoting public health and working to prevent disease in Potter & Randall counties. Some of their program offerings include HIV prevention, free and low cost immunizations, emergency preparedness , refugee assistance and other disease prevention.

301 S. Polk, Suite 740, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 337-1700

Developing and supporting the area's provision of health services and health science programs in communities in the Texas panhandle.

Dialysis Facility Compare is a Medicare site that allows the user to locate dialysis facilities in Amarillo which accept Medicare and compare up to 3 at one time.

Web based portal designed to simplify your search for local doctors and therapists.

Phone: (888) 645-1617

Drugwatch works with medical and legal experts to provide quality, accurate information about prescription drug side effects, medical device complications and related lawsuits.  Consumers can get the information they need to make informed health care decisions, get information about health and mental health issues, share their stories, and connect with an experienced law firm.

1400 S Coulter, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 414-9175

Get F.I.T. to Stay Fit, a program of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, provides FREE colorectal testing for any Texas resident age 45-75.  Contact the office for an initial visit and information about additional free services.

1500 Wallace Blvd, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 212-4673

The Harrington Cancer Center Tobacco Dependence Center offers a tobacco cessation program which includes counseling, support and education.

#1 Medical Drive, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 322-3599

To provide access to quality medical care, reproductive health services, and education for women and men throughout the region regardless of their ability to pay.

609 S Carolina, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 231-0364

Heal the City clinic provides medical care and urgent care for the uninsured of Amarillo.

7130 Bell, Amarillo TX 79109

Phone: (806) 373-4010

The Hillside Family Health Clinic strives to provide health care in a family atmosphere including a Healthy Texas Women's Program.  They accept most insurance as well as most Medicaid, Chip and Medicare.

102 SW 3rd Ave, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 355-5029

Maxor Pharmacies supplies home health IV supplies.  

1411 Amarillo Blvd. East, Amarillo TX 79107

Phone: (806) 351-7200

Provides charity care to people on Medicaid and those who are eligible for financial assistance. 

Phone: (806) 798-5568

The Life Gift website provides information about the need for organ donation, the donation process, and the Donate Life Texas Registry.

Long-Term Hospital Compare is a Medicare site that allows the user to locate long-term care hospitals in Amarillo which accept Medicare and compare up to 3 at one time.

1501 S Coulter, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 354-1810

Northwest Texas Healthcare Pavilion provides both inpatient and outpatient mental health services.

1501 S Coulter, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 354-1000

Northwest Texas Healthcare System encompasses medical treatment, emergency/critical care, a heart hospital, balance center, sleep disorder clinic and a diabetes management program.

301 S. Polk, Suite 740, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 331-4710

Panhandle Breast Health provides breast health education, assisting local women with breast health practices, healthy lifestyles and where and how to get screening services.

Physician Compare is a Medicare site that allows the user to locate physicians in Amarillo which accept Medicare and compare up to 3 at one time.

1501 Streit Drive, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 358-8177

Offering temporary housing for families whose children are receiving medical treatment.

Phone: (877) 724-4318 is a web-based source for helping aging adults and caregivers to find the products, services, and resources to make senior living a little easier.

11 Medical Dr, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 353-6400

Southwest Neuroscience and Spine Center specializes in spinal surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, minimally invasive surgery, cranial surgery and pain management.

3407 Pony Express Way, Amarillo TX 79118

Phone: (806) 655-7151

The state public health office which provides immunizations for and treatment of diseases transmissible from animals/insects to humans.

Phone: (512) 424-6500

Texas Health and Human Services provides a web portal to search for licensed adult day care, assisted living, health care, home health, hospice, nursing, rehabilitation and residential facilities.  The site is searchable by either location or provider name. 

1501 S Polk, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 337-1000

This TPC clinic provides outpatient mental health services to the homeless community, at-risk youth and their guardians and crisis intervention.

901 Wallace Blvd, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 358-1681

This TPC clinic provides mental health services for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.

1400 S Coulter, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 414-9608

Provides board certified geriatric care.

The Medicine Program is a patient advocacy organization helping individuals and families all across America get access to up to 2,500 prescription medications available today for free or nearly free of charge through Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).

6010 Amarillo Blvd. W, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 355-9703

Veteran Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Providing healthcare services for veterans. Call for more info in regards to their veteran substance abuse disorder program. 

500 S. Taylor, Suite 1060, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 206-9254

Tobacco Free Amarillo provides a multi-tiered approach to tobacco prevention and cessation for youth and adults.

1250 Wallace Blvd., Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 353-3596

Turn Center is the only non-profit in the Texas Panhandle providing physical, occupational and speech therapy for children with special needs including Autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other chromosomal and developmental disorders.

2300 Line Avenue, Amarillo TX 79106

Phone: (806) 373-0922

Outpatient treatment program providing substance abuse treatment services, methadone maintenance and methadone detoxification.  WTCR specializes in methadone and buprenorphine treatment and counseling for individuals suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

3 Care Circle,  Amarillo TX 79124

Phone: (806) 350-6337

Valmed Home Health is a compounding pharmacy, meeting the special pharmaceutical needs of the community.

720 S. Tyler, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 651-5101

The WTAMU Speech and Hearing Clinic, located in Harrington Hall in Amarillo, offers a wide variety of speech/hearing options for all ages, including dementia patients.

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