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medical equipment

Resources for those in need of a medical equipment provider.

Phone: (800) 541-1420

MyNotifi® is a fall detection technology designed to alert family and friends if a fall occurs. The wearer receives both a belt clip and wristband for increased flexibility in various situations. No landline, no monthly fees and no contract. MyNotifi® devices work anywhere the wearer goes, providing independence, freedom and peace of mind. MyNotifi® can be worn discreetly in a shirt (chest) pocket, bra, waistline, or on the wrist in times of lower activity. MyNotifi® is the only product on the market that offers you the choice of where and how you wear your device.

5809 S Western, Ste 255, Amarillo TX 79110

Phone: (800) 392-1958

Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services that are necessary for employment to people with visual, physical, or cognitive disabilities.  Texas Workforce also provides medical assistive devices necessary for employment and or training for employment.

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