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Safety & Personal Security

Resources that provide for safety and personal security.

310 S Van Buren, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 378-9340

Home of the Amarillo's Fire and Rescue Department. In addition to providing lifesaving emergency services, the department provides pre-emergency planning for target-fire and life-hazards within our community, a smoke alarm program, safety talks and department-sponsored community events.

200 SE 3rd Ave, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 378-9452

The Crime Prevention Unit provides information for and about the Amarillo Police Department to the news media and to the public, an important part of the police department's overall response to crime in the community.  In addition, a CPU officer will be glad to visit your home or business to provide helpful information to make your location safer and more secure.

2301 E. Willow Creek, Amarillo TX 79108

Phone: (806) 383-3373

Home of the Potter County Fire & Rescue Department in Amarillo, TX. 

1111 E Loop 335 S, Amarillo TX 79118

Phone: (806) 477-1750

Home of the Randall County Fire & Rescue Department in Amarillo, TX. 

The Senior Living Website provides tools, guides and expert advice about housing, safety, health and care, and money for seniors

3521 SW 15th Ave, Amarillo TX 79101

Phone: (806) 358-6211

Agency to report elder abuse/receive foster and adoption information.

Phone: (214) 675-1230

Texas Ramp Project is an organization devoted to building wheel chair ramps for economically disadvantaged disabled seniors.  This organization provides services throughout Texas.

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